Beholder 3

Dark morally challenging anti-totalitarian adventure game

When a high-ranking security officer saves you from prison, you end up a pawn in her schemes. Now you must eliminate anyone standing in the way of her secret plans and try to get your life back while working two jobs. No tenant, employee, or superior is safe from your spying.


Role: Narrative Designer, Writer

Status: Shipped

Studio: Paintbucket Games

Publisher: Alawar Premium

Release Date: 3 Mar, 2022

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Nominated for BEST STORY at the German Developer Awards 2022

Beholder 3 Rap by TheStupendium

Quest Design and Narrative Logic Breakdown via Articy by Game Director

Movies Games And Tech – 80/100

Metacritic – 70/100

Softpedia – 75/100 [Story 8/10]


“Is Beholder 3 worth it? Very simply. Yes. It’s a rarity when a non-AAA title game feels so polished, detailed, and original that it contends with the best of the best.

Beholder 3 takes the best bits of the first two games in this series and blends them together to make a fun, dark, morally challenging point-and-click adventure. While slow in pace is still thoroughly enjoyable. If you like dystopian fiction, if you like puzzle-based point-and-click adventures, if you like strong narrative then Beholder 3 might just be the game for you. It’s one I will be playing again and again.

+ Engaging story and variety of missions
+ Interesting array of diverse characters”

James Refelian, Movies Games And Tech



In Short: Quest Design, Narrative Design & Writing (in German on this project) with a focus on continuity, fun, multiple ways to solve quests, and heavy consequences.
The Family Finale and Resistance storylines were my babies and in total, I worked on/wrote/designed/technically implemented 28 quests and a number of systems.

Detailed breakdown:

  • designing, implementing, writing main story quests
  • designing, implementing, writing side quests
  • provide peer review for writing by other teammates
  • designing, maintaining narrative systems in cooperation with other departments
  • in-engine implementation and troubleshooting of narrative and game design systems
  • responsible for numerous features including
    • the advanced dialogue system,
    • narrative progression through promotions,
    • government shop,
    • surveillance system progression,
    • controlled access system,
    • musical theme, emotion and nuance layers,
    • technical template design,
    • and many more
  • writing dialogues faithful to the characters‘ characterization and unique tone
  • designing, implementing character dialogues and their logic
  • node-based visual scripting of quest and dialogue logic
  • creating schedules and NPC behavior logic
  • creating, maintaining documentation related to narrative systems
  • creating, maintaining documentation related to the overall narrative and world (lore)
  • optimization of quest and narrative content
    debugging, playtesting of narrative content
  • empowering, supporting other departments to ensure narrative coherence
  • editorializing cinematics, writing for narration texts
  • revising and developmental proofreading of localization texts (WIP)