An emotional 2.5D platformer with love for detail and fluidity.

You are taking control of Rockhead, a small earthen creature infused with magical life to unveil why corruption spreads among the ancient energies. Delve underground and discover densely atmospheric beautiful glowing caves. While exploring you will find gems, radiating energy, infusing you with powerful abilities. Unlock your full potential and cleanse the devourer’s corruption!


Role: Project Lead, Level Designer, Game Designer

Team size managed: 4

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  • Designed and implemented a unique Metroidvania style meta progression system that still has linear level progression
  • Designed gameplay mechanics (dashes, abilities)
  • Designed and implemented 3C concepts
    • depth blur camera, parallax
    • movement
  • Designed 7 levels from concept to finalization
  • Developed and maintained a coherent visual style to be adopted by the artists (magical, child-friendly)
  • Designed and implemented lighting
  • Managed timetable and to-dos for the team and ensured deadlines would be met