Rhythm-based Action Slasher Proof of Concept

In a world where synth flows through your veins, you have to prove yourself worthy to the audience by mastering vigorous combat to the rhythm of the music. The more beats you hit, the more intense the experience.


Role: Project Lead, Game Designer, Narrative Designer

Team size managed: 8

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Developing this proof of concept was incredibly exciting, and also somewhat daunting. It was the first project I lead/team I managed that was bigger than 4 people. With 7 other crazy folks, we set out to explore a unique combination of gameplay mechanics. Rhythm-based input meets action combat slasher. The more on beat you are, the more intense the gameplay; visual effects; feedback; damage! Yes, it was ambitious, but the learnings we could all take home from this cool project and the improvement of our development skills and process, and what I additionally learned regarding team management, establishing a shared understanding and good process pipelines and workflows, was definitely worth it.



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