Dark sci-fi story adventure with a unique twist on a classical tale

What you stumbled upon is an interactive fiction exploration game set in space. You are taking control of an unknown treasure hunter who scours the vast emptiness for shipwrecks to scrap and sell. You discover “The Hippocrates” an ancient mission ship from Earth. Experience a grim modern spin on the classical tale Sleeping Beauty.


Role: Project Lead, Narrative Designer, Writer

Also: Audio Design, Programming

Team size managed: 4

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  • Designed the narrative: including characters, locations, meta story, and beats
  • Iteratively developed storylines based on Sleeping Beauty with a focus on narrative setups/payoffs
  • Designed various narrative systems to deliver and pace story to player (triggered audio zones, log inventories)
  • Wrote 24+ audio logs (dialogue and monologues) to be discovered in clusters as the main exposition device
  • Responsible for voice recording sessions, editing, and technical implementation
  • Developed and maintained a coherent visual style to be adopted by the artists
  • Created and implemented all surface shaders
  • Prototyped and programmed various game mechanics with another team member (filtration mask, interactions)
  • Managed timetable and to-dos for the team and ensured deadlines would be met