The Whispers In Between

Mystery Half-Life: Alyx Mod (WIP)

Follow Atlas as he descends into the mists of his family’s distant past. Welcome to Sleeper’s Shallows.
Inspired by Knives Out, A Cure For Wellness, Silent Hill, and Bioshock. Utilizing Environmental Foreshadowing concepts and Liminal Spaces.


Role: Narrative Designer, Writer

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Steam User “Willhart” playing a WIP Version

Steam User “Skummeh” playing a WIP Version



  • Designing the narrative: including characters, locations, meta-story, and beats
  • Designing how the narrative is best delivered to the player in this context
    • by various systems to deliver story to player in VR (like triggered phone calls, environmental pieces, and thought quips)
  • Writing dialogue, monologues, titles, and everything in between
  • 50% of the world design concepting
  • Technical implementation of sounds, lights, animated water shader, etc. in Source 2/Hammer Editor
  • Designing and building liminal space levels in-engine