A grim mystery pen and paper adventure in 4 chapters

Twists and turns, a dark mystery, sophisticated puzzles, and a sprinkling of clues as an English couple unravels the silky, bloody secrets of Cobbsworth’s mansion and his web of lies. Welcome to “Thornrose”. A mystery crime solving escape the room puzzle pen and paper for three players.

Adventure in 4 chapters:
1) The Start (Grasp the workings of pen and papers)
2) Cobb’s Web (Solve puzzles and find out what happened in the mansion)
3) Silky Business (Engage with interesting characters and uncover their complex relationships and secrets through roleplay)
4) Untangle (Unearth how it all ends)


Role: Project Lead, Narrative Designer, Writer, Puzzle Designer

Team size managed: 4

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Book 1 (Chapter 1 & 2)
Book 2 (Chapter 3 & 4)



  • Designed and wrote a tight mystery narrative
    • Main characters and how to play them
    • Townsfolk character matrixes with relationships, information thresholds, and secrets
    • Backstory, monster lore, meta story
    • Locations
    • Rulesheet instructions (Dungeon Master and players) and promo materials
    • Introduction mini-adventure teaching all mechanics in a controlled space for both advanced and novice players (Chapter 1)
  • Set and managed to-dos and timelines for the team and ensured deadlines would be met
  • Designed over a dozen social puzzles for Chapter 3 (+ object puzzles in Chapter 2)
  • Designed abilities and progression for the roleplayers
  • Designed immersive information gathering/giving mechanics for players and DM