Toybox Trouble

4 Player Online Party Game

Compete in randomly selected weird games against your friends. Between tentacle high-noon and racing butts, you’ll laugh while trying to figure out the right controls before they do.

“I love your stupid game” – Robert Prince, 2020


Role: Game Designer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Writer, Producer

Also: Audio Designer

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  • Iteratively designed 10-15 minigame variants and prototypes
  • Balanced all final minigames
  • Designed various game systems
    • Meta progression in form of comedic titles
    • Modifiers, procedurality & menu flows
  • Designed all levels for racing, fencing, and memory minigames (~20)
  • Established and upheld a shared understanding of development goals and design pillars
  • Designed menu flows and UI
  • Responsible for the light-hearted juxtaposition humour in the game
  • Wrote reviewed scripts wherever needed (random item spawners, player ID systems, audio managers)
  • Wrote barks, UI texts, promo texts, and everything else in the game
  • Set and managed to-dos and timelines for the team so deadlines would be met
  • Rendered title screen and promo materials, recorded and implemented SFX