You pry a stack of writing samples from the dead gunslinger’s hands:

Most recently shipped Beholder 3. Currently translating Forced Abroad and writing for an unannounced title at Paintbucket Games.

Beholder 3


Delivered 120.000 words together with the other three wonderful NDs/writers. The main batch of specifically dialogue was written in German. Other texts in English. (Bilingual writer and translator)

Forced Abroad


Currently doing the full localization of Forced Abroad (30.000 words) translating from German into English. (DE -> EN)

The Whispers In Between (Half-Life: Alyx Mod)


Designed the narrative: including characters, locations, meta story, and beats. Designed various systems to deliver story to player in VR (like triggered phone calls and thought quips). Wrote scripts, dialogue, monologues, and everything in between. Did 50% of the world design concepting. Helped with technical implementation in Source 2/Hammer VR. Built liminal space levels in-engine. Portfolio Page. Miro Design Board.

Narrative structure and timeline approaches for this project.

Barks in form of thought quips to deliver exposition to the player.

Zapped Scene (Fantasy Comedy Series)


As a big fan of the show, I had a lovely conversation with one of their writers which lead me to write a short scene. (Just for fun) It’s a British comedy series! Get a feel for the characters below!

Everything past this point is outdated (by years)

Thornrose (Grim Fantasy Pen & Paper)


Wrote and designed a mystery narrative pen and paper adventure. Wrote main characters and how to play them, townsfolk character matrixes, their relationships and secrets to uncover. Wrote the backstory of the town, monster lore, the meta story beats, location design, wrote rulesheet instructions and promo materials. Link to Portfolio Page. (Also has both full books and the narrative design matrixes)



Designed the narrative, meta-story and backstory of our sci-fi game with a spin on a classical tale: Sleeping Beauty. (Portfolio Page) The linear story was delivered to the player through clusters of audio logs. Also handled the recording sessions and technical implementation of my dialogue/monologue scripts.

Story beats timeline:

Audio logs pick up order and discover clustering.

Excerpt of some of the 24 audio log scripts.

Draft sent by student

After my edit



From grim dark creative writing to humorous barks or screenplays, descriptions, and promo messages. As a freelance writer all kinds of non-creative writing tasks come across my desk, but that doesn’t mean these texts deserve less storytelling love! Here is a grant application I edited/rewrote for a student.

Barks (Toybox Trouble, Rave Cage Carnage)


In charge of the humorous nature of the game, I wrote barks for the online party game Toybox Trouble (Portfolio Page). Next to my Creative Director duties, I also designed (among other narrative tasks like designing the world and writing lore) flavorful items in a coherent theme for my company’s game Rave Cage Carnage (Portfolio Page):

Looking for Narrative Design Instead of Writing?


If you want to know more about how I approach Narrative Design kindly have a look at my thesis, coining the narrative game design term Environmental Foreshadowing. I am also a proponent of responsive narratives and generally innovating how we can deliver narratives to the player in more immersive ways. Here is my Gamasutra article on the matter! Otherwise, I recommend checking out my projects page and filtering for “Narrative Design”.