Public Life in the Games Industry

I’ve always been an outgoing person and together with my friends from in- and outside the games industry we try to make our little world a happier and more positive space every day. You’ll find some of my public appearances and game design related talks featuring me and my peers here.

The Industry Idiots Game Design Podcast is a show I host together with my best friend and talented game designer Sven-David Gießelmann. It started out as a one-hour long industry positive design hangout among friends (which includes our amazing guests!), and now, 2600+ listeners and 32+ episodes later it’s still a one-hour long industry positive design hangout among friends, but with video! Sven does most of the promo work and creative photoshops, while I moderate, prepare the guest episodes, and handle all audio and video editing. Marketing and business are done by the both of us.

First Time #1 on Spotify in the Game Design Category

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All our guest episodes


We laugh and talk about leading a design team with Mitja Roskaric, lead level designer at MachineGames working on the Wolfenstein series.


Accomplished pirate, narrative designer, and writer Edwin McRae joins us for an entertaining deep dive.

My team and I had the amazing opportunity to talk about Gemrock’s design on stage at gamesweekberlin’s Gamefest 2019. Shout-out to Michael Liebe who tirelessly pushes the Berlin games industry forward while still always keeping a smile on his face. Thank you again, Gamefest!

Mayor of Berlin at our Game Booth

Michael Müller, the mayor of Berlin, visits our booth. My game (prototype) on display at the time was the magically wondrous platformer Gemrock. It was an honour meeting him and he was an absolutely splendid guy to be around. He complimented the childlike wonder that the game made him feel, which in turn made me smile for the rest of the day.